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Chicago Magazine: Best Pilates Instructor of 2005

Owner/Instructor Randi Whitman is voted best pilates instructor in Chicago!

“For anyone searching for a pre-natal class I cannot recommend Marcia highly enough. I began taking classes at the start of my second trimester and without a doubt it built up the core strength I needed to help carry around my rather large and leggy baby. Even when dealing with a larger group Marcia is able to focus on the needs of the individual, helping sort out the unique array of aches and pains that go along with pregnancy, as well as challenging us to build stamina in a safe way. I didn’t quite realise how invaluable the classes would turn out to be until I went into labour. Mine lasted 36 hours, most of which without pain relief since I wanted to go natural, and there’s just no way I would have been able to keep going if I hadn’t been so prepared. During the final push I tried to remember as much of Marcia’s advice as possible, god bless muscle memory!
I now have the all clear from my doctor to start exercise again and my first post natal class was bliss, an hour just to myself! It already feels like I’m starting to get back into shape. Aside from all the physical benefits, I should also add that Marcia makes a Sunday morning workout a lot of fun! Thanks Marcia!” -Ellie R.

“To many people Pilates is a form of exercise, but to me Pilates is a way of life. The staff at Frog temple is caring and understanding. The instruction is far superior. The movement is life-altering. It is through Pilates and massage that I now am off my strong pain medication and take significantly fewer pills. My life is mine again but it is a journey that I could have not made without Frog Temple. ” -Leslie B.

“I've been going here for almost a year and I absolutely love it. I started doing regular mat classes and then transitioned into prenatal classes once I got pregnant. The instructors for both have been amazing. I have to call out Marcia, though, because her classes are outstanding -- especially prenatal. She is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to detail, and she has a great sense of humor. I leave this class feeling light and comfortable -- rare sensations for a pregnant woman. They also offer postnatal pilates, which I had never heard of before. I look forward to trying it once baby comes.
I've been to many Pilates studios over the years and this one might be the best. I highly recommend it. ” -Alania F.

"Simply the best. I've been going to Frog Temple for about 8 years and have had nothing but positive experience. I've done mat classes with just about every teacher, equipment classes, and private lessons. When I moved across town, I tried every other pilates studio that is closer to my house and nothing compared. So now I commute a half hour twice a week because Randi and her team are worth it." -Erin F.

"Frog Temple saved my back. I'd been nursing a herniated disk for several months using steroids and physical therapy to no avail. I started training with Frog Temple twice a week for the last year and I'm now almost pain free. Big thanks to Randi, Katie, Jeanne and all the staff who run such an exquisite studio. Randi is always experimenting with class offerings to keep things interesting. Also, I've been to several studios across the country and Frog Temple offers the most challenging mat classes that I've been to, by far. You will sweat. You will be sore. It's a lot of fun. I wish I had a sixth star that I could give Frog Temple. They changed my life." -Andrew L.

“I had tried Pilates at various gyms and never got much out of it. They were big group classes, and I never knew if I had proper form. All of that changed in December of 2007 when I started going to Frog Temple . I instantly loved it. Every instructor I’ve had at Frog Temple is truly amazing. Besides having perfect form themselves, the personalized attention you receive makes your workouts that much better. You constantly receive feedback on your form so you can get the maximum results. This makes group classes feel as if you are in a private lesson. In a short time I feel my stiff runner’s body has been transformed into a leaner and more flexible one. Pilates has also improved my tennis and golf game. I love Pilates at Frog Temple, the instructors and friends I have made there.” -Jill B.

"I used to be a regular at Frog Temple, back when they were on Damen. Then I moved. I love this place so much, I make a point of taking Randi's class whenever I am back in town for a visit. Not sure if they're still doing the occasional month-long bootcamp, but after I completed the program I had the best body I have ever had. At my going-away party, held at the beach, I pranced around in my bikini without a cover-up and could not have been happier. And on top of the excellent ass-kicking, Frog Temple just has a really nice vibe. Everyone is really nice. Highly recommended." -Elly H.

"Best Pilates Studio in the Universe!!!! Don't forget to Breathe..." -DW

"Classical Pilates at its best. I searched the city for a studio that was TRULY classical, friendly, and clean and bright..this place is it. Trust me, I did the leg work to find a studio that met all those points! I have so much respect for Randi's practice & teaching style. This is reflected in ALL of her instructors. I practiced Pilates for 2 years with a personal trainer at my gym prior to Frog Temple. Learning the method under Randi & her instructors has greatly enhanced my knowledge & appreciation of what Pilates can do for you not just physically, but mentally & emotionally as well." - Ghienhel S.

"Frog Temple is incredible. I have been going for approximately 6 months, and the experience just gets better and better. I was doing Class Pass, and I liked the classes at Frog Temple so much more than the other studios and classes that I stopped Class Pass completely and only go to Frog Temple now. I really like how these classes are challenging and upbeat, but unlike a lot of classes at other studios, Frog Temple is not about blaring music and teachers yelling at you with headsets. There is music and fun, but it is about technique, focus, and breathing. I have taken Open Mat with Jeanne, Marcia, Randi, and Katie, Group Equipment Class with Katie and Randi, and Cardio Reformer with Jillian and Katie. I would recommend every single class and teacher. They are all so knowledgeable and friendly; they make Pilates accessible and fun, but they still challenge you. I have noticed significant improvement in my strength, posture, and flexibility. They aren't kidding that Pilates will change your body." -M.F.

"Randi Whitman owner of Frog Temple Pilates is a true professional. Her studio teaches classic Pilates and under Randi's tutelage her instructors pay constant attention to detail and correct body position. Can't say who is my favorite because every instructor is great and their diverse way of teaching makes your Pilates experience never boring.
From the first few times you attend classes you see and feel the difference in your body strength and flexibility. Most of her instructors are meticulously trained by Randi and apprenticed for a year or more before they begin teaching at her studio. I've taken Pilates classes at various studios and spas but in my opinion, Frog Temple offers the best" -Joyce D.

“Although I have become a devout believer in the (Pilates) method, I am also aware that the great change that has happened in my life these last 6 months is largely due to the quality of the instruction I have received. I have been amazed at how patient and diligent Lanette has been in helping me to connect to all the subtle and intricate workings of the muscles in my core. All of the other instructors I have had the pleasure to work with also seem to share in an over-arching understanding of this mind/body connection. They have taught me that it is possible to re-train myself to move more fluidly and to hold myself up straight without strain or effort. I am inspired by their work and their commitment to the belief that this method can be good for everyone. They have helped me to embrace my own Pilates practice, and I am eternally grateful for the deep sense of well-being that I have discovered ever since.” -Joe B.

“I was a round shouldered, seventy-something woman who was very inflexible until I met Randi Whitman, owner of Frog Temple. I presented a real challenge! Now I stand upright and can move everything. I feel and look much better and I really enjoy my sessions with Randi!” -Rusty H.

“Pilates gives me the mobility in my back to be able to do my job. I knew it was working when I could do the Teaser series.”-Dawn McFall, dental hygienist

“Pilates has let me love my body. Pilates has made me strong – inside and out. Pilates has taught me to breathe and know my breath matters. I can’t imagine myself without it.” -Erin Wells, mom

“I first started with Pilates after a water skiing accident. My physical therapist recommended it. I have been hooked ever since, and it has been 7 years. Not only has Pilates helped me recover from my accident, but it has helped my strength and flexibility and the injury has not reoccurred. I also did Pilates at Frog Temple during my entire pregnancy. I had a private lesson with Randi the day before I gave birth. I felt great the entire time. Frog Temple has not only helped me physically, but I have made some great friendships along the way. Now, Pilates is part of my weekly routine. I hate to miss a session.” -Kim H. Financial Advisor


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