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Since 1996, Frog Temple Pilates Center has been committed to providing a warm, inviting atmosphere for people of all ages, sizes and skill levels to come learn and enjoy the practice of Pilates. All of our clients are taught by creative, caring, certified Chicago Pilates instructors. We offer private and group Pilates sessions every day of the week. In fact, we have more group pilates classes than any other studio in Chicago!

Frog Temple Pilates Origins

Randi Whitman opened Frog Temple Inc. Pilates Center in 1999.

Active in Pilates since 1996, she was certified by the renowned Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado. Frog Temple Inc. has allowed Randi to share her vision of the Pilates method and mind-body wellness with a growing number of students and a staff of Pilates instructors. Randi offers the Frog Temple Teacher Training Program to mentor and teach Pilates students the art and science of teaching the Pilates Method. Her commitment to the work continues to grow and develop every day.


The philosophy of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates informs much of the work and environment at Frog Temple. We believe, as did Mr.Pilates, that true body-mind connection and physical wellness and fitness is a powerful basis for a happy, fulfilling life. It allows one to experience life, with all of its physical, mental and emotional demands, more fully.

Frog Temple Pilates and You!

We are extremely committed to working with students of every level of awareness and fitness, and believe Pilates is appropriate for men and women of all ages including the physically impaired, the young and abled, the fitness phobic, and the professional athlete. All the instructors at Frog Temple practice Pilates daily and are believers and advocates of the power of the work. We also recognize that the effects of the practice reach far beyond the surface level of the body’s muscles, and well into the psyche and the spirit, inspiring each individual to strive for her greatest potential.


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